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Lung Function Testing in Bakery, Chemical, Powder Coating and Spray Shop Environments

Lung Function Testing is important for many reasons and it is mandatory for workplaces that involve exposure to hazardous substances. We have already blogged about the advantages of Lung Function Testing in our blog post, Lung Function Testing: What You Need To Know. If you are ready to move onto the specifics in the chemical, baking, powder coating and spray shop environments, read on. Lung Function Testing

Lung Function Testing: What You Need To Know

These mandatory tests are performed in workplaces where people are exposed to hazardous substances, providing employers with a baseline for future reference, assessing employee fitness for work and establishing intervals for routine testing. As an occupational health provider, we have seen our fair share of work-related conditions and know everything there is to know about them, so we thought it’d be handy to give our