Pre-Employment Assessment Testing

These are health assessments designed to assess individuals at the pre-employment stage.

The main purpose of the pre-employment health assessment is to ensure that an individual has no pre-existing ill health or disabilities which may affect their ability to perform the proposed job safely. The assessment provides baseline data and consideration of the Equality Act 2010
You may wish to undertake screening of a job applicant’s health to complement your recruitment procedures, in order to:

  • Assess their fitness for the role
  • Provide baseline data
  • Enable further consideration of the provisions under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Or you may undertake work that may expose new employees to certain risks and you have a legal obligation to conduct screening for these purposes.

When considering transferring an existing employee to another job within your organisation it may be appropriate to review the pre-employment health assessment against their current health status e.g. transferring to duties such as fork lift truck driving or working at height.