Fitness for Work Assessments

Certain work activities or environments require employees to be screened for any health condition that may either be aggravated by work or precludes them from being fit enough to perform that work or enter the environment.

Business Health Partners Ltd can undertake statutory medical and HSE recommended fitness for work assessments. Examples of these types of assessments include:

  • Pre / during / exit employment assessments
  • Night workers assessment
  • Fork lift truck driver assessment
  • Confined space assessment
  • Working at height assessment

The list below will help you chose what service(s) you may require (based on your risk assessment)

Legislation / Guidance Services Offered
Safety in working with lift trucks 2000 Fork lift truck driver assessment
The Working Time Regulations (as amended) 1998 Night Workers assessment
Confined Space Regulations 1997 Confined space assessment
Working at Height Regulations 2005 Working at height assessment


This will enable your organisation to:

  • Meet your obligations within the law
  • Prevent/minimise work accidents
  • Proactively protect employee health

We will visit your site to provide “in-house” testing sessions. We can also combine this testing with your other health surveillance needs if required.