Fork Lift Truck Medicals

When looking at statistics for vehicles and transport methods in the workplace, there are some startling ones, which make it clear why Fork Lift medicals are so vital for employee safety.

Sadly, vehicles at work continue to be a major cause of fatal and major injuries. The latest figures suggest that every year there are over 5000 incidents involving transport in the workplace – about 50 of these result in people being killed.

Additionally, estimates suggest that up to one-third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time.

A simple and easy to follow way to minimise this from happening in your company is ensuring you have:

  • Safe site
  • Safe drivers
  • Safe vehicles

Remember that you should always follow common sense when it comes to driving in the workplace and generally speaking it is wise to follow these rules:

  • Do keep people and vehicles apart
  • Do have clear site rules and enforce them
  • Do anchor loads securely to the vehicle chassis
  • Do avoid the need to work at height on vehicles
  • Don’t operate vehicles unless you are authorised to do so

The Law & Advice Regarding Fork Lift medicals

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that the health and safety of their employees, contractors and members of the public are not put at risk as a result of the work they do. Employees and the self-employed also have a duty to look after their own health and safety and that of anyone who might be affected by their work.

Most injuries involving vehicles at work are the result of people falling off them or being struck or crushed by them.

Forklift trucks

These vehicles are widely used across various industries, in particular where the movement of goods and materials is necessary.

We at Business Health Partners would advise that any employee completes a Forklift Driver Medical at the beginning of employment, once at the age of 40 and every 5 years after this.

Drivers over the age of 65 are advised to complete one on an annual basis, as well as after any significant injury or illness that is likely to affect their fitness to operate such a vehicle.

DID YOU KNOW: It is illegal to operate machinery or vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs – for more on this topic, read our blog on Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace.

Business Health Partners says…

Medicals for Forklift Truck drivers are important for keeping health and safety standards high for both employees and customers.

We provide a confidential service and will explain everything to employers and their staff before conducting medicals and tests of any kind.

If you have any queries about these medicals or other requirements and laws for those in the transport industry or who use vehicles in the workplace, please contact us.

If you’d like to know more about the occupational health services, training and consultancy that we provide, why not call 07720 956789 or if you like what you hear, follow us at @BusinessHealth_.  


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